Sunday, February 12, 2012


My son turned 23 yesterday and he is a mommas boy. Maybe it's more that I'm a Scottie's mamma. Whatever the case, he is my baby and I adore him. He has been out of town working and surprised me yesterday by wanting to spend the evening with us and wanted me to make him lasagna and a cake that the picture alone makes you gain weight. Long story short it was a dream to cook for him. I could of said no and made healthy stuff but there was sheer joy in the act of cooking.

My January Julie resolve has taken a break leaving February Julie and I am struggling to get her back. I have said before that I am all or nothing. If I start I have a hard time stopping. I need to not allow one bite pass my lips that will become the crack in the dam. I know I am stronger than this. Where are you? How do I get you back?

It is 11:10 on a Sunday morning. I can't change past choices. But I can am and will start this minute to make good choices. Steel curtain. Positive talk. Road to what I want starts now.


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  1. you can get her back...they are the same person...just allowing a different tape loop.