Friday, December 16, 2011


This post is two-fold.

#1.  My body.

Chris … your comments to post 204.6 were perfect, as per uszh.  I have been watching calories but they have been, as the pirate code says, more of a guideline really.  

 A few years ago in my team room at work we decided to create goals for ourselves that didn’t pertain to anyone else - Just what we wanted to do to make ourselves better.  And, we had to be accountable to each other and there was a consequence for non-compliance.  Now, I am no longer in a team room but I have a friend of mine started working here a few months ago and when I told her about this new thing she said I’ll do it with you – so there is my in my face accountability.  As far as a consequence – I think I will think of a reward instead. If I can set say FIVE-SEVEN goals that I can keep every day than I will reward myself with a new pair of boots (if they are still even in season) because I know I can find a pair of boots that will fit.  Luckily when I am at size 16 my shoes stay at 7.5.  So, officially stating my goals, starting January 2nd, here is the routine for ONE SOLID MONTH minus one solid day:

1.       Calories:  1600
2.       Exercise:  44 sit-ups plus elliptical, treadmill, walking, or racquetball.
3.       Food:  No flour or sugar
4.       Spirit:  Commune with a higher power
5.       Soul:  Read something uplifting.
6.       Other goal:  Run in a 5k

#2.  My psyche.

I’m feeling very scrooge like – I have determined I hate the season – not the reason – but the season.  So many expectations – so many things to fill our time when all I want to be doing is be at home reading a book in front of my fireplace or cleaning or baking or visiting with friends.  Not working, or shopping, or wrapping, or going to parties, or all the rest of the chaos that becomes our life.   This feeling will pass, but for now I’m allowing myself to wallow.  At least for another 30 minutes.


  1. I am the scrooge in my family as well. This is the hardest time of the year for me. This year however has been a tad better then normal.... I have tried and am managing to keep everything in small doses. One Christmas party, one batch of cookies, one cookie exchange. Still doing it "all" just only in small amounts... Next year I may limit it even more, this is working for me. Hope you find what works for you so you can enjoy the season. Even scrooge found a happy ending.

    Merry Christmas and
    bahhh humbug. :)

  2. gift cards...those rock. No wrapping. Our safeway has tons of them. I knocked out all my shopping early because I really hate shopping. Your weight is the lowest yet! I am really kicking in January 1rst as this should be fun! great goals. I know you will get under two hundred...there really is no better feeling. Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks gals ... The weight is small and slowly steady which is what I really did want after all... I'm just too impatient. This past weekend I made gingerbread men and cut out cookies with the grand babies and I was truly happy for the first time all month. Not because of the food - but because I finally did something I wanted. Selfish? sure. Wonderful? You bet. Scrooge has gone home. :)

  4. If someone had told me back in August that I would lose 3lbs a month, I would have been very happy.. but once I realized I could do this and I was dropping 2lbs a week, I became very impatient lol.

    I am not a fan of this time of year, but it has worked to my advantage this time since I have avoided all but the min social activities and parties. I am way to focused at the moment to get side tracked.