Thursday, December 1, 2011


HA!  So, it wasn't just pee (see yesterdays post).  The 'Fat Fairy' really did come in that one hour of glorious sleep.  Not only that, she, or he (I'm not gender biased), came again.  Small loss but I'm not one to make a fairy mad so I will graciously say thank you.

Not only that, it's DECEMBER!  I have a love hate relationship with December.  I love the holidays and the promises of magic in every twinkling light but I hate the expectations and accompanying let down that follows.

This year, I decided we needed to find the magic again.  I asked my daughter Dani (formally known as child #1) how we can make the season magical for the boys Nick (4) and Jack (2). 

We decided to go Christmas Tree shopping and let them pick out the tree.  Keep in mind, I have a beautiful 12 foot artificial tree in my basement just waiting to be unwrapped and brought to life.  But that isn't really magical.  I loved going to the mountains with my dad and sister looking for just the right trees.  One for the upstairs living room which was my moms special tree which all the company who came into our home saw, and one for the downstairs family room that was the decorated with homemade gingerbread men and all the homemade decorations.  I wanted to create memories for Nick and Jack to have but to help them anticipate the season. 

We told them on Saturday we were going to find our tree but not until Tuesday.

Nick:  TUESDAY???  When is that?

Me:  Three days.  Tomorrow, then Monday, then Tuesday.  After work.  We will go find the perfect tree. 

Nick:  Big sigh.

He could not wait. He kept reminding us what we were going to do and when we were going to do it. Finally the day arrived.  We got home, bundled them up, drove to the neighborhood tree lot complete with fire burning in an oil barrel, put on the requisite hat and mittens, then said Okay!  lets find the perfect tree. 

Nick beat us all inside, looked around for less than one minute, walked to a tree, and pointed.

Nick:  This One.

Me and Grandpa and Mamma:  You sure?

Nick:  Yep. 

Us:  You wanna look around?

Nick:  Nope.

Us:  Okay...!

Tree lot owner:  Really?

Me:  Yep.  It's all about them anyway right?  So why not. If this is the one he likes, this is the one we will get.

Tree lot owner with look of incredibility on his face:  Okay.  Let's put it in your rig.  Young man (he says to Nick), you take the top and I'll take the bottom.

Grandpa:  That is the shortest time it has ever taken to find a tree in the history of finding trees!

Us:  It really is a beautiful tree.  Great job Nick.

Sixty dollars and big smiles later, we were off to eat at Mamma's favorite Mexican restaurant.   When we got home, Nick and Grandpa cut the bottom limbs off (in my living room I might add), put the tree in the stand and watered it, then Nick, Grandpa, and Mamma hung the lights on the tree (Jack was in bed by this time).  We had asked Nick what kind of lights he wanted - he said 'rainbow' lights.  I have not had 'rainbow' since my kids were little and as I sat on the couch watching them (I have long since learned there are things that Grandpa and Grandma should not do together and this is one of them) sweet memories of Christmases past ran through my mind.  They finished with the lights and it was beautiful job - without any input from me.  We will decorate it on Sunday when our schedules will allow us all to be together.

We all need a little magic.  I love that I am finding it again with Nick and Jack.  I do have other grand babies - nine others to be exact between mine and his - and we have three on the way - but these two guys live with us and we care for them like they were ours when mamma works graveyard shifts and even when she doesn't.  If we are going to find magic this year, it will be with and because of them.

Jack, I need to say, was just happy to be along for the ride and to help carry the tree to the truck, and by carry I mean dance around every-ones feet getting in the way with the sweetest smile on his chubby cherubic face. 


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