Saturday, December 3, 2011


Nope.  Not anything to do with my weight. It is the amount of time it took to run a 5K.

Pause for effect
Yep.  You read right.  a 5K.  Me.  Run.  Okay walk/run.  But, I did run.  RUN.  ME!!! 

I can hear it now.  "Julie, you are over 200 pounds.  What are you doing running a 5K?  Are you crazy???"

The answer to that last question is a resounding YES.  I am in fact crazy.  But that is beside the point.  Last night my friend sends me a text.   "Do you want to do the Santa Run with me tomorrow?"  I ask my husband who will have to watch the babies and he says sure.  So, I text back.  She responds, "Okay, I will drop the Santa suit off in the morning".

Santa Suit???  Santa Suit.  Including a snowy white beard.  The entire outfit is required.  Can you imagine it?  Here let me show you all the Santa's as far as the eye can see:

600 men women and children (some in strollers but still) 600 of us all lined up in our red suits and hats.  I looked away for a second while we were walking to the starting line and when I turned around I could not make out my friend.  SUE!!!  I yelled.  She turned and smiled - well I can only guess she smiled because all I could see were her eyes lit up!  It was amazing.

Our other friend Kim, who pulled us into this race to begin with, is a runner and did great.  Sue and I walked/ran all the while laughing and giggling and talking and having the time of our life.  It was exhilarating.  So much, in fact, we are going to do one in January.  I can't wait.  It has given me something to look forward to with a dedicated purpose in mind.  I want to beat my time!!!!  I want to run longer than I did this time and walk less. 

(Before the race - Sue, me, Kim)

It would of been so much easier if I didn't have to lug around all these extra pounds.   I was slow, and I was out of breath but sweet sue with the long legs was patient with me and my stubby ones.   My body didn't fail me.  Children were passing me up but that didn't deter me.  I'm still smiling.  200+ pounds did not stop me.   I still did it. I finished.  I ran through the finish line.  I was 14th in my age division.  Now, before you give me imaginary high fives, there were only 16 of us, but still, I was better than two other Santa's!!

After the race, we kept our Santa suits and beard on and watched the parade of lights, went to dinner, and to the grocery store Ho Ho Ho-ing, giving high fives, and helping people find their smiles.

What a great day to be alive.


P.S.  In the spirit of full disclosure - or at least a version of disclosure I am comfortable with, the picture I posted yesterday was taken two years ago when i weighed 175 pounds.  This is me.  The me I am today.   The me I am learning to love and change at the same time.  Wow.  I really  have a chubby face.  I should probably change my profile picture to reflect me now, but can I keep the one I hope to be again?

Hey another mile stone.  I published a picture of ME!!!


  1. Wow, congratulations! And you want to do it again! I am impressed. Keep up the good work :) You are an inspiration.

  2. My first 5K was last July and I finished in 49: something, I think. I was very pleased. Your time is great. Keep up the 5K's!

  3. Ah how fun, running with so many Santas! Glad to have come across your blog, congrats on the 5K!!