Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Friday:  East LA Food.  Handmade Tamales, Tortillas, Guacamole, wine. 

Saturday:  Waffles, hot apple pie with melted cheese at Oak Glen, Papa Johns pizza crust dipped in garlic butter, divinity, wine.

Sunday:  Fish tacos, chips and salsa, french dip, scotch eggs, wine, chi chi.

Yep - recipe for disaster as far as pounds go.  Mondays weight was up 4.6 pounds from Friday morning.  Today I was better and I rationalized the water retention from flying.  But then when I write down what I wrote there is no secret to why I gained so much and I am embarrassed.  The food was amazing, the company superb, the guilt extensive.

I did take the time to reflect on myself and what to do.   I have such a short amount of time to finish this post, so in a nutshell, I determined that I need to be specific and not so general.  I also determined there are four areas that I need to concentrate on. So far, this is what I've come up with.
  • Body:  Everyday.  I want to do what Chris did when she started.  EVERYDAY for one month.
  • Food:  No flour.  In any form.  That one will be harder.
  • Mind:  I'm working on this one.  But I think it will involve reading something spiritual.
  • Heart and/or soul:  I need to stay in control of this ONE relationship.
I don't want to hide.  Not from anyone.  Especially myself.

What do you think?  Too simple??



  1. nope. perfect. The only other thing I would suggest is a calorie cap. IT could be 1600 calories. People avoid the calorie issue, but it is calories that got us in this mess. And knowing how much you are eating and stopping at a certain point makes for certain success. it tells you what to eat for dinner. IF you are at 1400 calories and you have 200 calories left, it solidifies your choices. That is an egg white omelette with spinach and an ounce of cheese. That is chicken soup. IT takes the mystery out of the process. And walking everyday also takes the mystery out of it. you burn about 100 calories for every mile walked. WAlk two miles, burn 200 calories...eat 1600 calories and walk two miles every day and after 1 week you will lose 1 pound. No flour will cure cravings. Not hiding or lying to yourself is number 1. We got where we were by lying to ourselves. Sounds like an excellent plan.

  2. Simplicity is a good thing. I like your approach!

  3. I was going to say 1200 to 1400 calories but I liked your logic. Not that it is giving me an out to eat more food - but I realized it was more realistic to a longer lasting weight loss. Thanks...