Tuesday, January 24, 2012

196.0. Christines Challenge

Spring Chick Challenge Update:

This week saw some ups and downs.  Last night was the hardest because I went with my dad to dinner to a place he and mom had loved to go.  It was also a place that I could get a reasonable mean but Dad wanted to share fish n chips like he and mom always had.  When I told him they were too high in calories for me and that I would get something else, I could tell he was disappointed so I told him that I thought I had the calories to give so we did share a meal and he was happy as a clam and I felt okay about that even though it was the first flour I have had in three weeks and I was way over on calories.  My dad was happy!! 

In other areas, I have done very poorly with my medications and need to remember that.  My overall weight loss this week was only 1.8 pounds and while I wish it was more, I did have a loss, so YAY !  Plus, as posted yesterday, I did run in a 5k on Saturday.  So good things are happening and I can see progress.

100 day Weight Loss Challenge

Christine's blog was the number one reason I knew I could do this.  Lose weight.  She has inspired me time and again and again with her words of experience, wisdom, and humor.  She has been a HUGE support to me, a complete stranger, when I was new to this world.  That is why I love this community so much.  We read, we recognize a kindred spirit, we follow, we encourage, we accept with a completeness that sometimes is hard to find in our every days.  

Chris is sponsoring a 100 Day Weight loss challenge that starts tomorrow and is both brilliant and inspired.  She has created this challenge based on her experiences and those of fellow blogger Sean Anderson who wrote the book "Transformation Road - My Trip to Over 500 Pounds and Back" that you can read about also on her blog.  The challenge involves three things that she describes in detail but for the sake of basic information I have listed them here:

Calorie cap at 1500 per day.
Exercise 30 min 6 days per week
Self Discovery Journal/Blogging

I am fully endorsing this challenge because of the love and trust I have in Christine and her desire to help others in their struggle to find their inner self and peace as she continues to do so in her own life.  I encourage you to look at this challenge and see if it resonates in your heart as something that will help you accomplish the goals you have set for yourself at this time in your life.

In other news:

 By way of information, another online friend, Myra, has started the Behavior Blast Challenge.  While I am not participating in this challenge, I also think the concept is a great one.  Many of us are in the Spring Chick Challenge sponsored by Stormy, which was my FIRST challenge and a wonderful way I was able to meet so many of you and get insight into your life and receive encouragement from you. 
I love the ideas of challenges to keep us motivated and inspired and going.  It helps our community to become closer and to grow in ways that are so important to all of us.  So whatever course you choose, make it count. 



  1. I think you should be proud of that 1.8lbs. When you get into Onederland, cherish all those losses while you get them. It can get tougher as you gather strenth.

    I am going to join in with Chris's 100 Day challenge as well. I like the thought of journalling the answers to her questions. I think it is important to journal our thoughts/feelings as it will helps us change behaviors and habits we may have developed and to work through those that got us to our weight gain in the first place.
    AT least for me...

  2. awesome Julie..I am glad you lost this week and very glad you are joining as well. I will be posting tonight..just need your starting weight pic. It's only for visual "proof" so that at the end I can send out sean's book. I won't be posting weights on my blog. Have a great day!

  3. This is great! I just emailed Chris my weight pic, so we're together again. I love the idea of you and your dad sharing a meal that brought back such fond memories for him. I would have done the same thing, even if it made me sick as a dog later. Enjoy being with your dad while you still have him.

  4. Thank you for sharing these other challenges. I am going to check them out. Congrats on the loss. I hope this week goes the best it can. HAve a great week.. By the way, I am glad you like the challenge. It means so much to me.

  5. I think 1.8lb in a week is superb!