Tuesday, January 3, 2012

204.8. Measurements #2

I begged, pleaded, cajoled, and cried all to no avail.  It is what it is.  My starting point for 2012.  I did measure to start the new year and found that even though my weight, interestingly enough, was the same today as it was when I measured last, I have lost 4 inches from various places.  Actually, if I did lose in a spot it was a consistent ½ inch.   Well, see for yourself.  Here are my results:


Onto the Challenge:
Today is my day one - and so far so good.  This chart is a way for me to keep track every day of what my goals are and will check them off when completed.  The one not on here is running the 5k which is Jan 21st.


Recap of my goals: 
Flour - None.
Sugar - None (except natural in fruits).  Meaning no aspartame either meaning no pop.  See water.
Water - 8 cups.
7:00 pm - don't eat after 7.
Charting - Chart foods eaten in Live Strong
Calories - stay under 1600 daily.
Situps - do 44 every day (one for every year I am alive)
Exercise - in some form.  IN my case it will be Racquetball, treadmill, elliptical, walking, or running.
Prayer - commune with a higher power.
Reading - something inspirational.
Meds - reminder to take my medications.
Blog - twice a week
Support - Read/comment on others.

I have to say my biggest fear today, as this moment, is the headache from no caffeine.  I'm also worried about being too busy to plan meals.  

Here we go!!!



  1. I feel your pain on the weight thing... I have gained 2lbs in the last 2 weeks but lost a total of 4 inches too.

    I am happy about the inch loss and I know it is GREAT... as is yours :) but for me

    I would like the weight loss.

    however my jeans look great on me... how about you?

  2. With stretchy jeans it's hard to tell but I think I can feel a slight difference. I was just so surprised!

  3. Losing inches and not weight is proof that the number on the scale isn't always the best indicator of things.

  4. Maybe you shouldn't go cold turkey on the caffeine. You could get a liter of caffeine free and a liter of regular and mix half/half in your glass. Gradually lessen the regular and increase the caffeine free. Then you could get off the pop completely without the headache perhaps? After you get some meals planned you could repeat them every other week until you get a supply of meals built up. We tend to repeat our preferred foods anyway.

  5. I'm agreeing with downsizers on the caffeine. I quit everything cold turkey and have had killer headaches. Now I'm slowly decreasing!

  6. we ARE OFF.
    well you are.
    right now for now :) Im holding tightly to my caffeine.

  7. "7:00 pm - don't eat after 7."

    There is nothing wrong with eating after 7pm.. just make it light. Maybe some fruit or a greek yogurt. If I do not eat after 7pm then I end up going 12 hours without food which I don't like.

    Good luck!

  8. All great thoughts ... unfortunately, I didn't read them until this morning and I had a heck of a headache last night but I was able to sleep and I think that might be the worse of it. If I can just hold on for two more days, I know the headaches will be gone. Yesterday, when it started feeling really bad, I called my hubby and said lets play RB right now and that helped - took my mind off of it. The not eating after seven is a trigger for me. If I start eating - anything - then I don't stop, and I really really want to stop!

  9. It's wonderful that you're seeing results in terms of inches! Keep up the great work and good luck with the challenge. Looking forward to learning more about your awesome progress!

  10. You had me 100% until you said no caffeine...
    Yikes!!! Never