Monday, January 30, 2012


I am frustrated the weight isn't melting off.  I mean, butter melts doesn't it?  Why can't fat?  My husband who is trying to be good still has his diet coke and eats the occasional crap and doesn't exercise and he lost FOUR pounds this week.  Me?  Nothing.  A big fat zero.  I didn't lose one single ounce.  ARGH!!!

I will prevail - this you can count on.  

One pound.  One day at a time.

"Eff you!"  I say to myself.

Myself says back "Oh shut up and say it again"

"One pound.  One day at a time." I say to myself.

This time I believe it because I believe in me.



  1. One day at a time. You can do it!

  2. hey julie,you count calories right? Do you measure? How do you measure? Do you have a food scale? I was surprised to find that what I thought were individual servings were in fact two or three servings.It can make the difference between 300 to 600 calories a day.

  3. You can totally do this.. Men tend to loose weight.. My fiance is the same way eats whatever he wants.. When he wants.. How much he wants and yet he still looses weight or at least maintains it lol makes me so envy!

  4. I have to keep reminding myself that it is not a get-slim-in-90-days adventure, but a lifetime one. Viewed as a lifetime endeavor, we can settle down into our goals instead of being impulsively frustrated from things not going fast.

    :-) Marion