Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm not sure I can really count this but I decided I would as long as I was honest and told the story.  This morning I am awaken by my two year old grandson who is hollering because his four year old brother has hit him although I didn't know it when I came bounding out of my bed.  When I go see what the ruckus is, I see the little one, Jack, in tears and hold him and help him get his shoes on as his mommy is trying to get them out the door so she can go to school.  With loves, kisses, hugs, and goodbyes said, I go to the bathroom, then weight.  204.0.  ARHG!!  I go back to bed.  Already depressed for the day.  How am I going to blog this weight gain??? I sleep for another hour and finally roll out of bed, go to the bathroom again and decide to weigh for a second time because maybe a miracle happened in that hour.  203.4.  Done.  I'll take it.  A miracle has been performed.  Either that or I peed a lot.   What ever the reason, I don't care.  I'll take the win.

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