Wednesday, November 9, 2011

205.0. Emotional Eating.

Last night at 9:30 pm I knew I would gain weight.  Yep.  Emotional eating took over and before I knew it, 600 calories had been consumed.  After I entered my food which was not long after the 600 calorie spree and saw the total calorie intake for the day, I thought about sticking my finger down my throat but decided this would just be a lesson learned. 

Yesterday was a bitch of a day anyway - I couldn't think of anything productive after 12:30.  So, when I went to the store to buy things for dinner, I bought some squash.  Squash???  This is the culprit???  Yes.  Yes it is.  Let me explain.  At first, I was just going to cook it so it was ready for when I wanted to prepare it.   Then I thought I might as well make it how I liked to eat it so it would be prepared for when I needed a quick dish.  And of course I had to do it the mamma way - add to 1.25 pounds of squash one TB of Butter and about 1/4 cup of brown sugar.  Sprinkle a little salt, and walah!  Mamma Squash. Okay, still, eaten in control would still be acceptable.  The problem came when I was preparing it my daughter and I got in a tiff and in my current state of 'down' it was a lost battle.  I sat right at the table and consummed the entire thing.  600 calories.  If I had exercised yesterday that would of been okay - but I didn't.  I went to lunch with friends instead.  There is a victory in the day, however, that is when I went into the cupcake store to buy for all people at work and as personal thank you's for kindness, I did NOT partake.  Which is why I gained only .4 pounds.  I'll take that as a small victory. 

So, what did I learn?  Stay out of the kitchen when I'm emotional.  Either that or don't buy squash, butter, or brown sugar.  I think the former is the best. 

Goal today:
1500  Calories (well it's a goal - don't judge)
Walley ball and 20 minutes of Elliptical
No bread today!

Control, ma'am.  Control!

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