Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Whew.  This is the right direction.  Last night an hour before bed I was 350 calories away from the 1500 I had set for the day.  I wasn't hungry - I was fine.  Then in walks child #1 (who lives with us along with her two children ages 4 and 2) toting Tillamook Rocky Road Ice Cream.  She and I partook of the amazingly wonderful treat and I knew I had calories to give so I didn't resist.  It wasn't until much later in thinking about the day that I realized that even though I had calories to give, I should of left them on the table.  Eating something so rich and creamy right before bed did satisfy something in me but at what price?  At my age (44) I still haven't learned enough about myself to know for sure whether a spoonful is enough or if I get that one taste I will want more and more.  Take it one day at a time.  For now, my goal will be to not eat after seven.  No matter what it is.  Let my body rest before bed.

My goals for today will be to (1) read something uplifting (2) keep my calories to 1500 (3) not eat after 7 and (4) play racquetball doubles.

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  1. good plan! When I was first starting..I walked every day. It probably didn't burn a ton of calories but it did help me get in the habit of exercise...now if I don't I really miss it.