Thursday, November 10, 2011


WTF??? I asked myself.  I was certain I would be down today - not up.  My calories were under 1500.  I did both the elliptical and played walleyball.  How could this happen? It was almost enough to make me say I'm done.  SEe this is why diets never work.  Then, instead of throwing in the towel after only NINE days, I tried to reflect on the situation.  What I did or didn't do yesterday. Then I wondered if it is because the majority of my calories were at dinner which was at six-thirty.  After dinner I didn't snack. But maybe that large amount of calories did as much damage as too many calories.  I don't know.  Adapt.  Okay - today I will keep my calories at 1500, but will spread them out a little more evenly.  See what that does to the old body and spirit.

Goal:  1500 Calories and Racquetball. 


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  1. I just had a great week of exercising and burning almost or more calories then I consumed and gained 2 pounds... if this is a new workout program for you, I am told it is "normal" to gain at first and to give it a few weeks. Good luck