Saturday, November 5, 2011


It may be small but it went down so change by something I did occurred. I had control and I made a plan and change happenes. I realize that inneed to change my goal slightly so I can effect change faster. so today knowing I won't have an opportunity to exercise I am going to change the calories to 1500. it's after lunch and I have already taken in over 500 calories so I really need to exhibit some control.

goals for today:
exercise none because I have to watch the babies.
calories 1500
and control.

On another note I have wanted to feel my mother so much since she passed and I just haven't. I went to my niece's baptism and my senses to the spirit was so tender and so close to tears all the time. the spirit whispered to me that my mother was there and that when I do what I should I would feel her. more incentive to do what's right. yesterday was hard and I realized that certain feelings would probably never go away but that I needed to learn to control my thoughts and actions. There is that word again. control. I can do it. I can.

I love you mom.

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